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Lemon Owlbeard Day Old Chicks
  • The Lemon Owlbeard chicken is a Ultra Rare Breed imported from Holland by Greenfire Farms.   The Owlbeards come in many colors, but my flock consists of the Lemon coloring.   They lay between 150-200 white eggs are XL to Jumbo in size.  This bird does extremely well in colder weather and not prone to frost bite with the small V comb.   

    They are an active breed that does well when free ranging, but also well in a large secured area.  Owlbeards has absent or very tiny wattles, that are covered under their muffs and beards. They also have a very striking v-shaped comb, white earlobes, and slate-blue legs. The Owlbeard is a truly beautiful bird with a proud and upright stance, and hence it became highly prized in poultry shows.


    Chicks will be sold as straight run only - no sexing available.

    Lemon Owlbeard Day Old Chicks

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