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Cream Legbar Female Day Old Chick
  • You are buying a Day Old Cream Legbar Female Chick


    The Cream Legbars are a large fowl bird know for their autosexing feathering pattern at hatch.  The roosters are vigilant and protective of the hens as they go about their business eating all the seeds and bugs in the pasure and fields.

    They lay approximately 250 XL to Jumbo blue eggs per year.  Cream legbar eggs are often deceptive in their appearance. They tend to be more spherical than most chicken eggs, and because of this they look shorter and therefore smaller. But, if you weigh the eggs you will find they nicely compare to other breeds. A dozen legbar eggs selected at random on our farm weighs over 25 oz.

    Given their flamboyant feathering and ability to produce pastel eggs, it’s easy to overlook the enormously practical advantage that cream legbars bring to the backyard poultry breeder; their auto-sexing function.

    They are by far the most inquisitive and friendly breed that I have here on the farm.



    Cream Legbar Female Day Old Chick

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