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Shipping Policy

Shipping for 1 dozen hatching eggs will be sent priority with an estimated transit time of 2-4 days with special packaging to ensure the safest handling method at a cost of $25  for each dozen.  The eggs will be secured in foam shipper surrounded with bubble wrap and place securely in box to ensure the safest travel as possible.

Return & Exchange Policy

There are no returns on hatching eggs or chicks.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee hatch rate or fertility rate on eggs once they leave our farm due to many factors with handling/shipping and incubation.   I will always try to ship 1-2 extra eggs to cover that risk.   Once the eggs leave our farm there are many factors with handling in shipping that is out of our control.  Here at Littleman Poultry we are always loading up the incubator testing fertility and hatching for orders.   No refunds, credits or returns accepted.  Please only purchase if you are willing to accept these risks.  

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